Choosing a good office air freshener

Creating a good work environment is really important and can be a factor that greatly influences the productivity of workers. Many companies are looking for tips and strategies to achieve an optimal work climate in which staff is comfortable and willing to work.

We normally focus on decoration, lighting and sound, but not everyone cares about smell. It is one of the factors that can make a difference. For example, the smell of a clothing store, a spa, or another business. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate one of our articles to let you know how to choose an air freshener for your office.

Why is it important to choose a good office air freshener?

Maybe you’ve never realized how important the scent of a commercial space is, but the truth is that people have the ability to remember more than 10,000 different scents. We usually associate smells with experiences or feelings. That is why it is important to choose well the air freshener that you use in your office. Nobody would like their home, a place where we relax, to smell the same as their workplace.

The memory of smell is much more developed than that of the rest of the senses. That is why you should choose the best air freshener for your office to achieve a work environment in which the whole team feels comfortable.

Although right now it does not seem very significant, you will see how in the long run you will immediately notice a change in the environment of your office.

What you should take into consideration when choosing the best air freshener for an office

We can highlight two fundamental factors when choosing a good air freshener for an office:

First of all, you must take into account the personal tastes of your team. It is essential that workers feel comfortable in their workplace.

On the other hand, creating an environment is very important. Therefore, it is necessary that you are aware of how a smell can influence a person’s mood. Being a work office we need a scent that stimulates the desire to work, for example it will not be the same as the relaxing scent of a spa or a beauty salon. We want to stay comfortable but active and with an awake mind.

Finding the best air freshener for an office

In order to create a good work environment with a scent, you should pay attention to different factors:

  1. Generate a feeling of cleanliness, fresh scents can be perfect to create this environment.
  2. Create a corporate scent. As a general rule, offices use scents such as Sandalwood, Lemon, Cypress or Eucalyptus, which have a very strong and easy-to-remember smell.
  3. Improve productivity, with aromas that influence the positive mood of workers.
  4. Scent Marketing is a concept that represents the importance of creating a link with the scent between the customer and the company. Which also includes workers.
  5. Scheduled air fresheners can be very useful so that your office always smells good and you don’t have to put it on yourself at all times.

Recommended scents for office air fresheners

  • Bergamot: Induces relaxation, peace and harmony.
  • Clove: Helps to overcome internal conflicts and to face problems more calmly.
  • Juniper: Helps to cleanse the environment of negative vibrations in all their forms and attracts protective energies.
  • Wintergreen: Increases optimism, harmonizes the environment and calms frustrations.
  • Nerolí: Delivers vitality and confidence, calms anxieties and fears, relieves sadness, pessimism, fears and traumas. Relax, restore, cleanse and lift the spirit.
  • Roman chamomile: Helps to relax and calm the environment before episodes of stress or emotional shock.
  • Patchouli: Calms, lifts the spirit, helps to express feelings to shy people, increases confidence and helps to relax.
  • Black pepper: Takes away feelings of frustration and helps reduce worries, stimulates the nervous system and the mind.
  • Grapefruit: Balances, refreshes, encourages and activates.
  • Organic Ravintsara: Helps to relieve nervous tension and fatigue, it is mentally and physically stimulating especially when there is anxiety, it cleans and disinfects the air from viruses.
  • Roman sage: Combats mental exhaustion, helps people to free themselves from bad experiences, which often prevents them from applying what they have learned from past mistakes in current events.
  • White sandalwood: Helps to clarify ideas, eliminate feelings of anxiety, is calming and sedative, also improves breathing and lifts spirits.
  • Exotic verbena: Refreshing and stimulating, improves states of stress and anxiety, has an exquisite aroma, also helps to work as a team

Trust the cleaning of your office in professionals

As you can see, choosing the best air freshener for your office can be complicated. It is also an important decision, both when it comes to creating a good work environment and to make your clients feel comfortable when they visit.

The same goes for cleaning your office, it is important that you dedicate the time and dedication it deserves. If you think you can’t get to everything, don’t worry, leave it in the hands of professionals.

At GIA’S we can give you the service you need. We offer a complete office cleaning and we will choose the best smells to achieve a perfect work environment.

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