How to clean office and leave it spotless. The image of a company is becoming more and more important in which we like to invest certain resources. We are not only talking about advertising, but also about the presence of employees and even the place where they work. That is why more and more companies decide to invest in a cleaning service that knows how to clean an office thoroughly.

Many times, you can believe that an office is clean because the floor is swept or mopped every day, but the truth is that keeping an office sparkling has some other complications. That is why we have decided to give you in this post some of the best tips that will help you know how to clean your office and leave it spotless. Keep reading!

Tips on how to clean an office

Sometimes cleaning an office can be more complicated than it seems, since there are some points that need more attention and even a more special cleaning. Here we give you some tips that can be of great help when it comes to getting started and knowing how to clean an office.

Use the right products

It is important that you take into account the type of material you are going to clean and the surface. In other words, cleaning office with hardwood flooring is not the same as cleaning office with marble flooring; special products will have to be used as appropriate.

How to clean office and leave it spotless

How to clean an office chair

When we are going to clean office, we usually start with the furniture. One of the care that we have to go with is how to clean an office chair and leave it impeccable without damaging it.

As in the previous point, it is important that you take into account the material with which the chair is made. Leather office chairs are more delicate than nylon ones and require special products for this type of material.

Something you have to take into account to know how to clean an office chair is that textile fabric absorbs a lot of dust and dirt, so it is essential to do it correctly even if it takes a couple of minutes more. You can do it with a clean cloth, moisten it and apply the product in question.

It is not a task that you should do every day, it will be enough with once a week. In the event that the office chairs are made of leather, you will also need to hydrate them with the same periodicity.

How to clean an office floor

The same thing happens here, we must look at the surface material. How to clean a salary tile in an office is very different from having to do it with one of hardwood another delicate material such as marble.

As a general rule, offices use floors with easy-to-clean tiles, although it is becoming increasingly fashionable to use a material that has a warmer appearance such as hardwood . In this case, you should use a floor scrubber that does not damage the floor of your office, the most common is that this information appears on the instructions for use.

This is a recurring task that must be done every day. You can do it with a mop. It is enough that you moisten it with clean water and apply a little of the product.

How to clean computers

We cannot forget about the main elements of the office, computers. These are delicate objects that need  more thorough cleaning. Being an electrical appliance, if it is not done correctly it can end up spoiling.

We recommend that you use a microfiber cloth with a little water and a neutral cleaner. It is important that you wipe the cloth gently and do not directly spray the computer, especially on the monitors.

Hire a professional office cleaning service

As you can see, knowing how to clean an office can sometimes take time and a certain knowledge about the cleaning sector. That is why more and more companies decide to leave the cleaning of their offices in the hands of professionals.

The reason is mainly because of all the advantages of having people with experience in the commercial cleaning sector. Not only because of the great results that are achieved but also because of other factors, such as the time we save and that we can invest in the company’s own productivity.

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We know how to clean your office and leave it spotless!