Which cleaning products kill viruses and disinfect surfaces?

Disinfect surfaces at home. Cleaning our home can be essential to protect our health. Dust and dirt hide a large number of viruses and other microbes that can cause respiratory problems or other illnesses.

Therefore, it is important that we not only make sure that the surfaces of our house are apparently clean but also that we need to disinfect them. Especially when we talk about rooms such as the bedroom, the kitchen, or the bathroom.

In order to do a proper disinfection, you need to know which cleaning products kill viruses, since not all of them work. If you want to know what they are, do not miss everything that we are going to talk about in this post.

Recommendations for disinfecting a home

If you have come this far is because you are concerned about knowing which cleaning products kill viruses. That is, you are concerned about the correct disinfection of your home and therefore also your health and your family’s.

For this reason, there are a series of recommendations that you have to take into consideration when starting to clean if you want to eliminate all the viruses that can hide the dirt in your house.

One of the main points that you should worry about leaving very clean are the surfaces with which you have constant contact such as the table where you eat, the doorknobs, the light switches, the toilet, the desks etc.

This will prevent germs or viruses that can enter the house when we come from the street from spreading throughout the house. Even if someone in your family falls ill, a good home disinfection can keep other members safe.

Surfaces disinfected at home

What cleaning products kill viruses

Even if you clean your house every day it is useless if you do not use the correct products. Here we leave you a complete list so that you know which cleaning products kill viruses and properly disinfect any surfaces.

Soap and water

Although it is one of the most traditional products, soap has a large number of disinfectant properties. The detergent mixes with the fat of the virus itself, making it disappear from any surface.


It may be another of the most basic cleaning products that can be found in any home. It has a great ability to eliminate viruses, although you must be careful when using it because of its strong smell and because its effect is so powerful that it stains colored clothes.

When you use this product, you have to let it rest for about 15 minutes and then wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Before using it, you should take a few seconds to read the instructions on the bottle.

Sanitary alcohol

Its main component is Ethanol, a substance capable of killing viruses in just 30 seconds. It destroys the protein and RNA that the virus is made of. However, you have to make sure that it is made up of at least 70% disinfectant alcohol.

It will be enough to soak a clean cloth with this product and wipe it over the surface you want to disinfect. You do not need to remove the alcohol with water afterwards as it will evaporate on its own.

Cleaning vinegar

It is a totally ecological and biodegradable product. Although it is usually used mainly as a polish, you can also use it to disinfect some surfaces such as kitchen utensils: pots, cutlery, pans, etc.

It is recommended that you mix the product with water to soften the smell and apply it with a clean cloth.

Tips when making the purchase

Remember that it is important that you spend some time shopping for cleaning products for your home, especially when you want to find out which cleaning products kill viruses.

Do not be guided only by price or by unknown brands, sometimes expensive is not the best, just as cheap ends up being expensive. If you want to get it right the best you can do is read the labels on the containers.

Another thing that you should take into account when buying your cleaning products is to know the materials of your surfaces to use the correct products that cannot damage them. You cannot use the same product for wood as for aluminum or veneer.

Why not hire a professional home cleaning service?

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